10 beauty tricks with Coconut Oil

According to experts, coconut oil is used in many beauty products for a few simple reasons;

  • It is naturally antibacterial
  • It works as a great moisturizer for skin
  • It can penetrate hair better than other oils.

So I wonder…are they on to something? I tried out all of the below to see worked and what was just stone age living

Soothe Dry Hands

The theory is that raw coconut oil, in liquid or solid form will nourish your hands the same way a lotion would. It dawned on me that this was not an “on the go” hack seeing as though grabbing a tub of coconut oil in a meeting would seem slightly primitive. Instead, I used it post dish washing…you know when your hands look and feel scaled down to dry wrinkles? I love that it left it moisturised for hours, but hated the oil residue that was left behind, making everything I touched into an oily mess.

My Suggestion? Treat your hands to a weekly manicure using the coconut oil. Leave it on for roughly ten minutes after exfoliating your hands with a honey and sugar concoction. Then wipe off with dry tissues for softer and smoother hands.

As a cheekbone highlighter

I have an obsession with glowy, dewy and hydrated faces so I was ever eager to try this little beauty hack. We all know that nothing perks up a tired face much like a little highlighter but often enough, the highlighters we buy are a tad too pigmented, often resulting in us looking like a Gold Member during the peak lunch time sun. And whilst I do spend a lot on store-bought highlighters, I needed something a little more subtle for my day looks. Que in Coconut oil. Simply sweep a small amount of coconut oil on top of your makeup and leave it as is. It looks like your skin but a lot more dewy (minus the hideous oil fatigue) … in fact much of the premium highlighters you purchase use it as a base ingredient in their formulas. So yay for the glow and no to looking like a star dust drag queen.

To Shave your legs10 beauty tricks with Coconut Oil

I have to admit, I was a little wary to give this one a try because I mean…well it just sounds weird. But anyway as suggested by beauty bloggers far and wide, I figured why not. I did not particularly like the fact that the coconut oil clogged my very pricey blades but I did love the moisturized feeling afterward. My suggestion would be to microwave the coconut oil, just till it’s in a liquid form, then smear on your legs. You will still need to soak your blade in a hot water and cleaner mix though. More than anything I would say that this option is for when you are out of stock on the shaving cream front.

As a hair conditioner

As with other products, I recently discovered that there is a reason many conditioners contain coconut oil and that reason is simply: it is better able to penetrate hair and prevent hair loss than mineral oils. I have only been using it in conjunction with my shampoo for two weeks now and I can actually see and feel the difference. My hair does not look as tired. The jury is still out on thickening part, but let’s see how it goes.

My Suggestion: Apply a generous amount of melted coconut oil to your hair in the evening. Then sleep with it (ensuring you use an older pillow case) and wash your hair in the morning as usual with your everyday shampoo and conditioner.

To remove makeup

This has to be my all time favourite coconut oil hack and you would know this by my previous article on home made makeup remover. What I recently discovered, post that article was that if you run out of makeup remover, just using coconut oil on a cotton pad will suffice. It is completely safe for your eyes and the best part? Say hello to softer skin 😉

And there you have it, coconut oil, the saviour we have been waiting for 😉