Living in Johannesburg for the past 11 months, I have come to earth-shattering realisation, that is so easy to get lost in our routines, Traffic, work and back home with the odd dinner thrown in here and there and the retail therapy sessions that end up costing more than someone’s rent. The irony of it all is that being in KZN, the thought of the concrete jungle and all its glam is exactly what brought me here in the first place. The promise of adventure, excitement and endless city charm. Now I find myself sitting in on a Saturday night thinking, where did that drive go?

The answer…no where, It is still here, but buried beneath deep layers of contentment that essentially are as a result of me finding my comfort zone. You know that zone whereby once your bra is off on a Saturday night, it’s too much of an effort to put back on? Just the thought alone of getting dressed and ACTUALLY putting an effort is so draining and tedious, and the forethought of standing in a crowded room, with a que of intoxicated perverts and drunk little girls spilling their drinks on you is just too much to handle.

I can’t really blame my need for bland comfort on my relationship, if anything, there I find most of my excitement but what I do put it down to is the notion that at my age I am expected to be acting like a grown up, and doing things all grown ups would do. To which I have mastered of course. You know the hard work, sitting in traffic, grocery shopping and dinner preps…I have officially mastered the art of being an adult to some extent yet I have not lost the urge of wanting to be a teen again. And all that spontaneity that comes with being one.

It got me to thinking. If society places so much of pressure on us to be adults in accordance to defined age brackets, do we not have the power as “the new age” to redefine these notions? Do we have to live within the segmented lines that insist on having us bracketed as old and young? And if we do have the power to control our life process, are we just being lazy and accepting the old norms because it the easiest thing to do? Is there life beyond routine?

I once read…The second you start feeling okay with feeling old, you never feel young again…they were onto something there…