As a promise to you my readers, anything that is a first in SA would be something I share with you all. The good, the bad and the seldom, in between. So here I am with my last product review for the year…Pure02

Oxygen by any other name…

To avoid adding to the clutter of your current festive madness, simply put, Pure02 is premium concentrated oxygen, 95% concentrated Oxygen to be exact. So then why on earth would I even try out oxygen, leave alone in a can? Won’t the oxygen in the atmosphere suffice? I mean we have survived thus far, yes? YES indeed BUT the benefits of pure oxygen far outweighed the scepticism I was first embraced with. Air contains merely 21% oxygen, the rest is made up of Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide and other gases.

So lets discuss those benefits then…

  • Immune System booster

Our immune system helps us to fight infections and there are a number of ways you can maximise your immune system, like eating healthily and exercising regularly. Breathing pure oxygen is now another way added to that list

  • Detoxer minus the not so tasty greens

According to many health, guru’s great body cleanser and detoxifier is oxygen. Our lifestyle is less physical than our ancestors and so we are not oxygenating our blood as well as they did, which leads to our bodies carrying more toxins than generations before us. Breathing pure oxygen can help to reduce those toxins that we carry in our bodies.

  • Recovery in progress

Footballers and runners, to name a few, make use of pure oxygen to help them speed up their recovery. Pure oxygen has been used by hospitals to improve our health for over a century and has been recorded to improve our exercise performance since as early as 1928.

  • Think faster and wiser

A study by the Human cognitive Neuroscience Unit experimented with pure oxygen and concluded that those breathing pure oxygen remembered up to 20{7b66f5b8f9cce5198cdc7f2d96338c3c9bbce7bf1ebd58c7794d60da2dc43006} more words, from a given list than those that did not breathe pure oxygen. If you are struggling some days to focus then breathing pure oxygen can help make those tasks that bit easier.

  • Goodbye stress

We all know that when we are stressed someone normally suggests ‘taking a deep breath’. Pure oxygen can help you take a moment, get pure oxygen into your bloodstream and help you tackle the road ahead with a little more ease because pure oxygen can help to reduce stress.

And now my personal review

The Pure02 can AFTER i opened it ...

The Pure02 can AFTER I opened it …

5 days ago I received my first order and I will admit, the packaging was pretty impressive. It almost felt as if I received a premium bottle of whisky. Immediately having opened the eloquent white box I noticed the can felt almost empty. In a bit of panic (thinking it was a hoax) I read the details on the box only to find out that the product is weightless (obviously and to my relief)…It was reassuring to see a tamper-proof seal on the lid as further confirmation that the product had not been used prior to delivery.

After reading the instructions I had my first “shot” – yes that is what each full inhale is referred to. It was a slightly unusual experience, perhaps not so unusual to those who suffer from asthma. The act of inhaling something other than the air in the atmosphere did not come naturally.  I had to synchronise pressing the button on the nozzle and breathing in at the same time to get the full effect. Once you get it right, the cool fresh mint flavour going down my throat was a refreshing experience.

I had just come back from a two-day work Christmas party and I was feeling a little tender so I was not too sure what to expect. It was not an unnatural high the way energy drinks promise, but more a spike in energy levels…and a sense of unparalleled clarity (no this does not make you superman) … the next morning I took 3 more shots for a bit of a detox and that is when I truly took note of the effect in its entirety. I felt extremely alert and more focused. It’s almost like calming confidence. It’s still me but just a little more…

So, do I recommend it? YES, indeed…with life demanding 100{7b66f5b8f9cce5198cdc7f2d96338c3c9bbce7bf1ebd58c7794d60da2dc43006} from us at any given point in time, I have constantly been looking for ways to maximise my body and mind in a way that doesn’t harm it …  Pure02 for me was that solution.

To get your hands on yours, visit www.pureo2.co.za or follow them on their Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest tips and exclusive offers 😉