If like me you have been hooked on the Netflix original series Mad Men and you just so happen to have worked at a big advertising agency, then I am pretty sure you have witnessed some sort of mirrored behaviour.

Let’s swoop aside the notion of feminism here for a second and talk about a reality that everyone is too scared to be open about. Sure from the surface it looks like equality on the gender scale but if you dig a little deeper, I can’t guarantee you will continue to find that. Big advertising agencies are the equivalent of your big 5 accounting firms, they are governed by a hierarchy of directors and board members that sit at an executive level, steering the ship and keeping it afloat. The problem becomes visible when you dissect the gender make up of the board with a magnifying glass. Sure there are females but in relation to men…it is just not enough.

So why then are there not enough woman in power in these firms? Two words…GLASS CEILING!

The reality is that advertising continues to remain a boys club. Women take on senior and seemingly powerful roles but only as a front for equality. Are they really the decision makers? Do they really hold the power and is their voice really heard? Perhaps things have changed in the 2 years of me being in a big agency and so I do welcome the discussion. What do you think? Has advertising finally evolved?