Ever read through a few 9gag memes that talk of “what she says vs what she actually means” and other various posts that talk about a women’s so-called need to control and be clingy? Well of course you have, because for a society that has come such a long way in terms of race and gender equality, we STILL have somehow managed to stay stuck in the ways of gender stereotypes. Somehow gender stereotypes are less offensive than gender inequality, but it is not. It is the same and all it does is proves one’s incapability of mature thinking. Would it shock you to know that your girlfriend/wife has a life and you are not the centre of it?

I count myself lucky for having a relationship that does not dwell within these constraints of stereotype and I think I put that down to the maturity of the man I am dating and his understanding of how, even though we are different, we are also so much alike!

I constantly hear males around me joke about how they equate having a girlfriend to the act of nagging and neediness and whilst that once may have been a stereotype allocated correctly to females, things have changed and mindsets have been altered. Sure women are more emotionally sensitive than males and yes we are occasionally verbal about it but is THAT an indication of neediness?? I can’t help but blame media and these ridiculous self-help books that pride on silly notions such as “Men are from Mars, and woman are from venus”…sure our mindsets may be different but we are a lot more alike than you think!


Listen up BOYS

Understand that just because we voice our opinions, it in no way means we are trying to control you or that we disapprove of your respective choice of anything! Unlike those memes you share and laugh about with your mates, most of us women mean exactly what we say. Understand that when we say yes, we actually mean yes. When we say Ok, we actually mean OKAY and when we say I am not mad, guess what, we mean we are actually not angry. A shocker isn’t it? To think that you could actually take what we say at face value without over thinking it and that we are actually not as complicated as you think we are. All it really is is your mindset that is conditioned by media and experiences shared by your bros that have made you the target of being pathetic in your need to stereotype women. I use men as a term loosely, primarily because this isn’t something I see in all males. It is usually just the more immature ones, you know the “boy-type” mindset.

In an age of female independence and growth, trust me when I say, a well educated, balanced and mature woman has no time to worry about being encrypted in the way we speak and think, nor do we have the energy to prioritise the effort into making your lives miserable. Contrary to the belief that the girlfriend cracks the whip and is seen as this military figure of discipline and all things clingy and fussy, we are in fact a lot lighter and less exaggerated in our thinking and behavior. Make no mistake, as an established woman, we take no crap, but in essence, we are a lot more human that you give us credit for.

And hey if you still firmly believe you have an evil girlfriend hell bent on controlling your very existence then you have one of two options…

1. Stop dating girls and explore the option of dating a Woman!


2. Stop being a boy and start being a MAN!