Last year December saw me take to the salons in an attempt to gain a striking new look on the hair front. And as beautiful and oh so glamorous as it was at the time, what no one had told me was that even after the countless thousands of Rand’s I would spend on care products to manage the new colour, it will inevitably look like a dry heap of strands in a matter of weeks.

We all see it, these insanely stunning shots of girls with red and grey hair, that looks envy worthy in every Instagram post. What they don’t tell you is how much of an effort and money goes into keeping it that way AND no matter what it will always fade!

I went through weeks of having my shower look like a scene out of the Care Bears, with purple stained walls and purple flooded shower floors, and whilst that did eventually stop, the horror of drying my hair only to be left with something as dry as the Sahara desert was enough to make me vow I would never do it again. Here are a few things to remember and do BEFORE you strip your current hair colour for something bold and out there:

  • Book a 15-minute consultation before booking your actual appointment – This way you get a professional opinion before you make a rushed decision about something as crucially important as your hair colour.


  • Use Social Media to research different colorists you might want to go to – The reality is you wouldn’t want to go to someone whose expertise does not lie within hair colour styling. Make use of Facebook’s search engine to see who the best in your city are.


  • Take in photo’s of the colour and style you want – Unfortunately not everyone’s imagination is synced with your own. So painting a word picture will not cut it. Show your stylist what you want.


  • Apply a hair mask all over your strands the day before you go in to get your color done – This will hydrate your hair and prep it for the grueling color process.


  • After you color your hair, you must change your shampoo and conditioner if you want to maintain it – If you’ve never colored your hair before, you probably don’t already own color-safe hair products. Make sure your shampoo and conditioner are made for color-treated hair.


  • To preserve your hair color, sun protection is a must – Otherwise, your hair color can turn brassy or dull a lot quicker than if it were to fade naturally.


  • It’s tough to estimate how much a coloring appointment will cost – Pricing varies so much depending on different factors, such as who you’re seeing, what you’re having done, and where your stylist is located. That research legwork is up to you!