I am sure you have noticed the influx of delicious meal prep videos on your timeline, and whilst I love and appreciate the dinner ideas, I have been posed with a massive challenge. TIME! Granted these videos make it look incredibly easy (because each video has a time lapse) but if like me you have tried a few of these recipes, many of them are lengthy processes that require more than an hour which is all you have on a weeknight. So naturally I have taken the liberty of trying a few, and in a series of posts to come, will summarise the long list into the quickest dinner preps. In the meantime though, here are a few tried and tested cooking hacks that have saved me A LOT of time in the kitchen

  • Herb cubes – You may think it isn’t time-consuming to get oil into a pot with a bunch of herbs, but the timeous process comes in when you have to measure, or worse, when you run out of oil or herbs (or perhaps even both) Instead mix up a bowl of olive oil and your favourite herbs and pour into an ice tray. Then freeze it and use whenever you need to baste a chicken or veg for roasting. Melt butter and repeat the above process for the best garlic butter or Thanksgiving stuffing addition.


  • Snip off the stems of your herbs and make sure the leaves are dry. Fill a mason jar or a glass of water (about half a glass will suffice) and place the stem ends in the water. Then cover with a clear plastic bag and store in the fridge. Cilantro thrives in cool temperatures, parsley can be stored at room temperature or the fridge and basil needs to be stored at room temperature to prevent the leaves from damaging. This is a surefire way to ensure they keep for much longer without losing the scents. PS: these keep for about 2-3 weeks with a change in water when you see the water colour change.


  • Want crispy potatoes wedges minus the burnt ends…baste your raw wedges in a little flour before popping it into the oven. This will ensure the outside gets crunchy whilst maintaining the moisture inside.


  • Ever wonder why the banana’s you buy don’t last as long? Well, keep your banana’s together. By separating them, they will brown faster.


And there you have it, 4 simple ideas that save you time and perhaps a little sanity too 😉