As many of you know, if you have been following my posts lately, I am extremely obsessed with all things homemade when it comes to beauty care. Not to be mistaken with makeup. I haven’t yet ventured into that complex process, so I will trust the Elizabeth Arden and Huda’s of the world. I simply mean beauty regime products, stuff that you use pre and post make up application. Products that will help your skin heal and breathe when you face isn’t highlighted and contoured.

I have been following international recipes and boy is there a lot of variations out there so I have taken it upon myself to try these DIYs to find the ones that work best and better yet, I have sourced local places where you can purchase the ingredients. So without further a-do…here is an easy makeup remover recipe that is gentle on your skin, eyes and hydra moisturising.

Ingredientsunnamed (1)

  • 1 tbsp baby shampoo (Clicks)
  • 1 tsp coconut oil (Clicks)
  • 100ml purified water
  • Cotton discs/pads (Clicks)
  • 1 cotton disc jar OR any round tin/jar (Clicks)


Really nothing fancy about the method. Just a few tips based on what I discovered when I did my first batch.

  • Mix the baby shampoo, coconut oil and purified water in a mixing jug. Ensure the coconut oil is in liquid form. I usually microwave it for about a minute.
  • Place your cotton discs into the clean jar (do not over fill the jar with cotton discs as they will expand once the mixture is absorbed.
  • Pour the mixture onto the cotton discs until completely absorbed (I usually leave it for about 30 minutes to ensure it is completely absorbed.
  • Wipe down the edges of the jar for a neat finish and use as required

And Voila…home made makeup remover that is convenient and leaves your skin soft and hydrated.