Life is way too short to wear bad lipstick

Never have I met a woman who has NOT had a sense of longing for the perfect lip colour. From the make-up queens to the plain Janes of the world, there is a certain power that comes with wearing your favourite shade. That power that comes in the form of confidence. Yes yes, we get that make-up should in no way define how we think of ourselves, and whilst we do en-devour to be content in our skins, no one said we couldn’t experiment.

Matte me up

Depending on your preference and your love for make – up as a whole, there is a variety of textures and shades to suit every lady’s needs. My 2016 favourite however is definitely matte shades. However as elegantly gorgeous as models make it look online, finding the RIGHT matte lipstick can be tricky. There is a lot to consider when choosing the right one and we know it can be quite daunting. After the countless reviews, we think we have stumbled upon a true gem…one for any skin type.

The official product deets

Rimmel’s Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lip Colour is a 2 step product that locks in vibrant color for 16 hours. It’s lightweight and flexible so that it adapts to the movement of your lips.

My personal experience

The thing that drew me to this product was the dual purpose texture it provides. A matte long wear lipstick, and for those days when you want a moisture enriched look, just double layer the gloss.

The pro’s

  • The gloss isn’t too shiny which ensures that you can have a moisturised matte look if you have dry lips. AND the gloss locks in the colour and smells great too
  • Unlike other lip stains that promise the world and never deliver, Provocalips really is the real deal when it comes to extended wear lipstick. Eating and drinking has no affect on this baby!
  • A cost effective lip colour…One shade can last you a really long time due to its long lasting stain. One coat a day with additional gloss touch ups is all you will ever need.
  • Their colour charts have a range of pinks, beiges and red’s which work for both day and night time.

The cons

  • Despite it’s effectiveness, it does flakes off in patches every now and then depending on the dryness of your lips. It can be a little difficult to apply a nice even coat, especially when you have dry lips, so ensure that your lips are cleared off any previous lip colour and are well moisturised.
  • It stays on FOREVER if you allow it to. Even with soap, a baby wipe, and make up remover- this stuff does not want to come off. Our advise would be to lather a little vaseline on your lips and with a cotton swap, gently remove it applying a little pressure. (not too much, you wouldn’t want bruised lips)

And there you have it. A long lasting matte lipstick that is worth every cent!