Matte me crazy

Matte lip colour has been all the craze from 2015 and this makeup trend is showing no sign of dying out anytime soon. If like me you have tried pretty much MOST of the brands out there you will know that they all come with pros and cons. You know the usual, dry and flaky lips that come with intense matte colour¬†or worst so durable it doesn’t come off even after several washes.

Matte me crazyInsert Revlon Colour Stay here

It never occurred to me to give Revlon a try as I did not expect them to be strong competitors but after receiving the products two weeks ago and giving it a try I think it is safe to say that it is a must try.

At only R120 a pop the colours are vibrant and smooth. And with a dual gloss wand, it also offers you the opportunity to explore other looks too.

I found that it never dried out my lips to the extent where it was prone to flaking but instead maintained it’s matte effect with just the right amount of moisture to last for my 12 hour day of deadlines.

the downfall was that I had to really put in an effort when it came down to removing it. And by effort I mean blood sweat and semi tears. Dramatics aside, I ended up having sore dry lips at the end of it despite using lip colour remover. Only to find out afterward that vaseline and a cotton pad works wonders.

So what’s the verdict?

Do yourself a favour, save the R325 you would have spent on Kylie Lip kits and hop down to your nearest Dichem, Clicks or Edgars for a Revlon Colourstay. You will not be disappointed!

Matte me crazyScreen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.13.39 PMMatte me crazy