You may not realise it, but there really is such a thing, and whilst you may think it only applies to Digital marketers of our time, you most certainly thought wrong. You see, all you need is to be active on ONE platform in order to qualify for what we digital marketers call “social media best practices.”

See, I do agree that at the core of it all, it is YOUR profile and you can post as you see fit, however what you need to realise is that what you post (and the manner in which you post it) is not sent to a back end alley, it is sent into cyberspace (which really is a thing) and it floats around in there and can be picked up by anyone else searching the world wide web. Now whilst that may seem all fine and dandy, here is the catch. If you don’t post content of “quality,” people thus don’t receive content of equal stature AND more importantly nor will Google ever take you seriously! Why should any of this matter to you? Let me elaborate.

Picture walking out your house for an evening with your boss and colleagues. You prep yourself, groom yourself and most importantly present yourself in a manner you wish to be associated with. So if we can do that with our physical appearances, why can’t we do that with our online presence? Essentially that is where we are most likely to make that first impression, yes? I am not saying you

I am not saying you need to contemplate hours on your status updates and be fake about it, I am merely saying, take a few minutes or seconds to at least be considerate about it and understand that it may be YOUR content, but WE have to digest it. Forget that I am a digital analyst for a second, as a general user of Instagram, how infuriating is it to search for a tag such as

Forget that I am a digital analyst for a second, as a general user of Instagram, how infuriating is it to search for a tag such as “lions” only for posts of people’s faces to show up in my search results. Due to some person’s lack of knowledge regarding the use of hashtags and how to prioritise relevance, I am now faced with sifting through a plague of posts that have absolute NO bearing on my search inquiry. I guess being a Digital marketer and analyst has brought out the technicalities in me, but I strongly believe that if you are going to make use of something, at least KNOW what you are doing. Blind following will only get you indexed as a spammer on Google and thus have your Social profiles unrecoverable. Here are a few simple guideline just for you:

Educate yo’self before you wreck yo’self

Understand that everything on social media platforms and the internet is connected. EVERYTHING! Knowing what things like a hashtag is will allow you to make better use of it. So what IS a hashtag? It’s simple really, it is merely a cyber appendage that the Internet uses to tack keywords. If you upload an image of a Bengal tiger and you want your image to be ranked, you will use a relevant hashtag like #bengaltiger to make sure that when someone else searches that keyword, your image will be discovered. It is an ideology taken from SEO strategies used on CMS sites. The more you optimise according to relevant words associated with your image the quicker it will be to discover your content.

#You#Dont#Have#To#Hashtag#Every#WordSocial Media etiquette 101

So we know what a hashtag is, but does this now mean that we have to spam the hell out of our images and posts with excessive use of hashtags? You know what I am talking about, the girl on Instagram who hashtags every single word in a sentence and then hashtags 50 alternate words that are not even related to a post in question. And then before you know it, you are searching for #SnoopDogg and you instead get a dozen images of a chic taking a selfie. Uhm really??? The more you populate your posts with hashtags, the more likely you will not be indexed and your images will be less discoverable. Just.Don’t.Do.It … instead keep it at 5 hashtags per post.

Don’t ask for a Retweet, I am not THAT benevolent

Don’t be that person that request’s people to follow them or re-tweet them, or worse to “like” their posts. It is desperate and all for the sake of instant gratification that comes with online usage. Instead of asking, GIVE people a reason to WANT to follow you. Share content that is enticing enough to share and intriguing enough to digest. Provide the good stuff and the followers will…follow!!

Ideally there are tons I could share with you regarding social media etiquette, but for now, let’s work on these basics. Happy “socialising”