I keep hearing people go on about how I am by no means a “religious person” and to which I now can finally say with confidence…indeed I am the least religious.

This is where things could potentially become controversial hence my emphasis on the fact that this is merely my opinion and in no way an imposition of my opinion onto those who may disagree.

A question of blind devotion or profound understanding

See for me Religion is a set of variously organized beliefs about the relationship between natural and supernatural aspects of reality, and the role of humans in this relationship. It is for a lack of a better explanation a body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices. Yet whilst I may not be the most religious I am spiritual which again for ME is the essence of it all.

Spirituality I believe is the fundamental link between me as a human and my creator so to speak…and it is spirituality that says I believe in a higher force. Just because I don’t allow religion to govern the entirety of my life does not make me any less spiritual than that of someone who does. We fail to realise that religion serves to us as a guideline to live our life via means of uniformity, discipline, and integrity… within its rules/laws and process, it serves to us as a way of reminding ourselves of a balance that every person SHOULD have…a balance that involves God at the forefront of it all.

More than that, spirituality and religion is a journey…an individual one that cannot be thrust upon someone…it has to be chosen to be embarked on in order for any sort of understanding to be established…it is a desire, an increasing one that needs to be consensually and consciously made in order for a higher subconscious appreciation.

“God has no religion.” – Mahatma Gandhi