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This past month Revlon launched their latest product and it is not another foundation. Instead, Revlon has warmed our hearts with a 2-in-1 hair dryer that doubles up as a pair of “hair straighteners” … I say it with a slight lack of conviction mainly because I have yet to have tested it myself but the idea alone is worth entertaining.

The hairdryer is styled to look exactly like how a hair dryer should look, though upon turning it to it’s side, it, in Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 12.53.32 PMfact, splits apart to reveal a straightening and dryer tool in one. Sure sure, like other 2-in-1 product there is a concern that it may not work so well but Revlon themselves promise a more effective blow out result and insist that the new hair dryer works for optimal drying coverage in a fraction of the time.

According to Revlon it features a unique Dual Air Flow system that provides up to 70{7b66f5b8f9cce5198cdc7f2d96338c3c9bbce7bf1ebd58c7794d60da2dc43006} more hair drying coverage than other hair dryers which roughly translates to “it drys your hair faster”

The catch is that to use the hair dryer to its full potential you won’t be able to just simply hold it above your head and voila: a dry set of hair. It requires patience as the hair is intended to be run through the “straightener” panels/jaws in sections so that you can dry down the ends whilst styling at the same time.

Revlon also proudly states that the hair dryer is boosted with ceramic and ionic technology to reduce heat damage and breakage. Naturally though, with ANY heat, I would suggest using a heat protecting spray in addition.

Below is a promotional video that Revlon released and whilst I am extremely eager to try the product, I still have a few reservations.

For the moment the product is not available in-store in SA but keep a look and I will be sharing the online stockists next week