It seemed only fitting that for international women’s week I would summon the feminist in me and go off on one of those emotional rants but I chose not to. For one simple reason. The essence of feminism bases it’s foundation on one key factor. Gender equality. Feminism has nothing to do with hating men or bringing to light all the pro’s and cons of men…no,it simply exists to bring to light the differences society has hinged onto both genders and the one goal which is to break those shackles.

Women in recent years have been so wildly misunderstood and the stereotypes placed on us have found it’s way into a generation of boys that do not know any better. After seeing it all over social media and amidst my circle of friends, it occurred to me that here lay a deeper issue, An issue of understanding or perhaps a lack there of. I am lucky enough to be the exception of all of the below. But you know what they say, don’t wish to be the exception…be the rule!

So to the men out there, this is dedicated to you…on behalf of women everywhere!

I am woman!

  • We are sorry that you feel the need to complain to your friends about what complete nags we can be. When we ask you to text us when you reach your destination or when we get upset that you didn’t call. How could you possibly comprehend how much we care for you? How could you possibly understand that deep down we are doing it out of love and concern and not from sheer insecurity. It’s okay though, we understand.
  • We are sorry that you feel the need to bring to light our imperfections daily, you know… when we feel emotional at that time of the month. Its crazy how 2 days of PMS to you is a lifetime of bitchiness. We get it though, you could not possibly understand what it is like to have your body go into complete havoc every month, to have your emotions and hormones involuntarily spiral out of control, how would you understand what true agony is when you have not experienced cramps and blood that would make your last summer injury seem like child’s play. It’s okay though we understand.
  • Speaking of friends, we are sorry you feel the need to get away from us at every chance you get. Who knew that the comfort of your buddies everyday would beat the comfort of the person you claim to love so deeply. We believe in a balance just as much as you do, our balance is usually priority based but how could you understand that when we quietly just let it be in fear of being labelled “The nag” … It’s okay though, we understand.
  • We are sorry that you feel the need to perv over other women when we are not around. Apparently loyalty to you has little to no boundaries. Looking is a freedom right, it is harmless right? How could you know that it slowly kills our confidence. How could you know that for us, loyalty is everything. Every time you make a joke about a hot women in front of us, how could you possibly understand the insecurities we face. Our bodies aren’t perfect neither are we. But you are with us instead…why is that?When you get jealous when we notice another hot male on a television screen and its a blatant double standard?  Its okay though we understand.
  • We are sorry you feel the need to lie to us. Every time you have to go out with your mates, every time you WANT to be away from us. Because I mean the idea of just being honest is inconceivable. Why would you tell the truth, and risk us actually being okay with it. Risk making yourself to be a total drama queen because we did not react the way you and other men think we SHOULD react. It’s okay though, we understand.
  • We are sorry that you feel the need to mock us in cheap memes and lame jokes on social media, amongst your friends and in public. You know, the many a joke about how confusing women are,about how they don’t say what they mean, about how complicated we are and about how intense we make even the simplest thing. Who you knew you thought so little of women. Do you think the same of your mother? She is a woman too after all. It’s okay though, we understand

We grew up in a time where chivalry appeared to head out the door and gender superiority made it’s way in. How can you as a man expect to start a family and raise a son when you cannot appreciate and value the TRUE essence of a women and not what society has defined us by? How can you as man raise a son knowing that you yourself do not host the values that is required to appreciate a women? And more importantly, how can you as a man be blinded by the generic stereotypes placed on women?

If you can’t treat your lady like a queen, it might have something to do with the fact that you do not possess the qualities of being a king…it’s okay though, we understand 🙂